Students will gain knowledge and skills while considering the social, moral, and ethical impacts of AI systems and usage. They explore practical daily applications of AI that are likely to have an impact on their lives. Students design smart cities, homes, and schools and share them with the group.

Students also learn to build, train, and test an AI system through a NVIDIA platform. Students are also encouraged to look at how “the message of AI” is communicated to each of us through images and narratives.

And, as with all ECS units, it comes with an in-depth curriculum pdf download with daily lesson plans, supporting handouts and rubrics, and live links, as well as supplementary teacher resources—all classroom-tested and ready for implementation.

This standalone scheme of work introduces pupils to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically to Machine and Deep Learning.  Pupils will learn terminology around Artificial Intelligence and re-enforce computational thinking concepts.  Additionally, they learn how AI is used in specific areas and how to design, test and evaluate their own AI system based on Neural Network principles and also consider the future of AI.

Unplugged activities support the Scheme of Work and there is a plugged activity when creating their own AI.  Pupils link to a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) through a cloud services platform – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and gain an understanding of the computational power needed for neural networks.  An assessment is provided at the end for summative assessment.  Formative assessment is used throughout.

  • Year 7-9/Grade 6-8

We have 5/6 week schemes of work available for each of these year groups.  We are currently looking for a sponsor for each of these year groups to make the resources available globally. If you are a philanthropist/company who is interested in sponsoring these schemes of work please get in touch today!