Year 9 Scheme of Work – available 15th June 2018

This scheme of work introduces pupils to the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), specifically to Machine and Deep Learning.  Pupils will learn terminology around Artificial Intelligence and re-enforce computational thinking concepts.  Additionally, they will learn how AI is used in specific areas and they will design, test and evaluate their own AI system based on Neural Network principles and also consider the future of AI.  Unplugged activities will support the Scheme of Work and there will be a plugged activity when creating their own AI.  Pupils will link to a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) through a cloud services platform – Amazon Web Services (AWS) and gain an understanding of the computational power needed for neural networks.  An assessment is provided at the end for summative assessment.  Formative assessment is used throughout.

Year 8 Scheme of Work – coming soon

Year 7 Scheme of Work – coming soon